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Biogas Systems Landfills
Biogas Systems Wastewater
Biogas Systems Dairies


Biogas Systems Siloxane Removal
Biogas Systems H2S Removal
Biogas Systems Dehydration
Biogas Systems C02 Removal
Biogas Systems Pipeline Injection
Biogas Systems Associated Gas

Western Biogas Services Biogas Systems A Division of Bozco Engineering Inc.   

Conceptualize→ Design→ Integrate → Fabricate→ Commission → Maintain


Western Biogas Systems offers its clients the choice of a full spectrum of biogas conditioning project services. 
         System Concepts
         System Design
         Project Management
         Equipment fabrication and installation
         Controls and Automation
         System integration
Project start-up
         Gas sampling
         Monthly Gas Analysis
         Maintenance Plans
         Ongoing maintenance support
         Performance Guarantees
         Detailed O&M Manuals