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Biogas Systems Engineering
Biogas Systems Project Management
Biogas Systems Consulting
Biogas Systems System Concepts
Biogas Systems Design
Biogas Systems System Integration
Biogas Systems Fabrication
Biogas Systems Controls & Automation
Biogas Systems Gas Analysis
Biogas Systems System Start-ups
Biogas Systems Maintenance Plans
Biogas Systems Performance Guaranties

Biogas Systems Landfills
Biogas Systems Wastewater
Biogas Systems Dairy
Biogas Systems Any biogas producing digester gas facilities

Biogas Systems Siloxane Removal
Biogas Systems H2S Removal
Biogas Systems Dehydration
Biogas Systems C02 Removal
Biogas Systems Pipeline Injection

Providing Protection of:
Biogas Systems Fuel cells
Biogas Systems Engines & Engine Catalysts
Biogas Systems Turbines

Biogas Controls & Automation Biogas Systems

Wastewater TreatmentWestern Biogas Systems is a division of Bozco Engineering Inc. with over 20 years of experience in the energy industry.  Project consulting, design and directing is offered. Rotating as well as separation industrial equipment selection, procurement, fabrication and integration is available for gases, air & liquids applications.

Western Biogas Systems is focused on integrating the most advanced technologies in the treatment of Biogas for power generation & pipeline injection.

Our capabilities to meet the most stringent gas specifications in the industry provide our clients opportunities to convert waste to energy as well as pipeline quality gas.

We Service the Following Markets:
Biogas Systems Landfills   Biogas Systems Waste Water Treatment Facilities  Biogas Systems Dairies  Biogas Systems Any biogas producing digester gas facilities

WesternBiogas Provides the Protection of:

Biogas Systems Fuel cells  Biogas Systems Engines & Engine catalysts  Biogas Systems Turbines

We provide the following Biogas Services

Biogas Systems Biogas Engineering   Biogas Systems Biogas Project Management Biogas Systems Biogas Consulting             Biogas Systems Biogas System Concepts
Biogas Systems Biogas Design        Biogas Systems Biogas System Integration     Biogas Systems Biogas Fabrication         Biogas Systems Biogas Controls & Automation
Biogas Systems
Biogas Gas Analysis   Biogas Systems Biogas System Start-ups      Biogas Systems Biogas Maintenance Plans Biogas Systems Biogas Performance Guaranties

We provide you with the ability to Conceptualize→ Design→ Build→ Start→ Maintain
Biogas Systems  Gas Analysis- The baseline analysis of input gas is evaluated in order to determine the most effective design for each system.  
Biogas Systems 
Monthly/Periodic gas analysis in order to confirm project specs are met is also available.
Biogas Systems Pictures of panels/ 3D drawing

Dairy Biogas SystemsWe provide detailed O&M manuals to ensure that any operator will quickly become comfortable with the operations and maintenance of our equipment.

BioGas Conditioning

Consultants for the best selection of removal systems for each application.
Effective biogas conditioning starts with evaluation of the best options available to accomplish a client’s unique goals. As not every goal is the same, so may be true regarding the incoming gas specifications. At Western Biogas Systems, we consult with each client, evaluating their best options for:
dehydration, gas boosting, H2S removal, Siloxane removal as well as removal of other gas constituents.

Western Biogas Systems provides all facets of a renewable energy project including: engineering and design, equipment fabrication, installation and ongoing maintenance support.
Siloxane Removal
Our biogas conditioning systems are custom engineered and fabricated based on site specific data.
Gas boosting- Gas boosting selection of blowers and compressors and manufacturers performed to support the
gas condition and power generating equipment needs.

H2S Removal
Scavenger & non hazardous chemical systems are selected and incorporated based on design criteria. Client O&M costs will be considered and minimized whenever possible in this process.

Siloxane Removal

are produced in digesters at wastewater treatment plants and landfills. Siloxane is a chemical used extensively in industrial products such as personal care products and lubricants. Damage to engines, turbines and fuel cells frequently occurs due to the presence of Siloxane, resulting in large maintenance or replacement costs for various facilities. Additional concerns occur with the resulting decrease in power generation.

Biogas Systems
The most cost effective method of Siloxane removal incorporates simultaneous dehydration & Siloxane removal in one step.
Dehydration-refrigeration systems sized and installed in order to achieve necessary dew pointsGreen Energy
Particulate removal- particulate filtration sized down to .1 micron or less
Co2 separation- multiple technologies are offered including:
Biogas Systems Media
Biogas Systems Membrane
Biogas Systems Non hazardous reusable chemicals