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 About Western Biogas Systems Biogas Systems A Division of Bozco Engineering Inc.   

Western Biogas Systems, a division of Bozco Engineering Inc., is focused on providing the most advanced technologies in the treatment of Biogas for equipment protection, power generation, and pipeline injection. Our unique solutions assure affordable equipment maintenance costs as well as reduced power usage costs.

Current energy shortages and environmental restrictions have driven the increased need for reliable clean energy solutions.  Available renewable energy exists in conditioned waste gas from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, dairies and other digestion processes. Our experience, and that of our parent company, enables us to continue to design the best biogas conditioning systems for the market specific conditions. 

Our mission is to build a system that provides ease of operation and maintenance for long term use by integrating and process managing the most cost effective quality engineered biogas conditioning solution which best meets each client’s unique project specifications. Our approach starts with a comprehensive initial consultation regarding the client’s unique application needs.

Western Biogas Systems approaches each project as a unique system using the following guidelines:

  1. Understanding client’s long term goals

  2. Selecting equipment for everything from conveying to clean up of existing conditions

  3. Designing systems to form fit and function, based on the individual needs of each site

  4. Providing system guarantees and ensuring client satisfaction

In addition to scrubbing technologies, Western Biogas Systems also has extensive experience in the selection of:

  • Rotating equipment

  • Heating and cooling

  • Piping

  • Skid designs

With over 50 years of combined systems experience, Western Biogas Systems and its associates design and build the best integrated systems possible to meet today’s biogas industry requirements.